Corrosion and Leak Repair

Guaranteed Leak Repairs

We have the cure for your leaking bead seats. If your tires are leaking air it is likely that you have a bent wheel or that your rim bead seats are corroded. Our bead seat repair service is guaranteed to seal your used wheels for two years. We grind the corrosion and apply two coats of a self-etching primer followed by three coats of 100% type 316L Stainless Steel paint that will help to prevent any corrosion from reoccurring. Give us a call today to learn more about our bead seat repair service for your used rims. The average bead seat repair costs approximately $155 per wheel and can be completed with same-day service. Click for pricing information.

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Fix Those Leaking Tires

Chrome and alloy wheels have long been a source of problems for slow leaks and bead leaks on cars and trucks. While they look nice and add to the overall appearance of the vehicle, they are prone to corrosion problems that can cause the tire to not seal properly. This can result in slow leaks around the bead and soft tires requiring a trained technician to exact a bead seat rim repair. Air can find the smallest hole to escape from and when corrosion occurs, a gap can appear under the bead. If you do need a corrosion wheel repair our ACU-TRU® Certified technicians are waiting to serve you.

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