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Motorcycle rim repair is now offered with a same day or expedited service guarantee. We can affect a complete aluminum Motorcycle wheel repair within 24 hours of having received a damaged, bent, bumped or warped Motorcycle rim for recondition service or Motorcycle rim repair restoration. Alloy Motorcycle rim wheels can be restored to varying degrees with either spot or complete Motorcycle wheel refinishing.

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Used Aluminum Wheel Alloy Rim Wheel Repair, Restoration.

Rim or used aluminum wheel repairing is a service available with varying degrees of quality. Wheel rim repairing or restoration can be broken down to the following basic aluminum alloy wheel repair process.

First a used aluminum wheel needs to be thoroughly cleaned with steam or a similar method. Next, a wheel is checked for truness, structural integrity, excessive run-out, stress cracks, and surface imperfections.

Any deficiencies are noted and corrected as needed. Needed aluminum wheel repairs, truing, or rim straightening is performed thru the use of controlled heat and applied pressure to bring a aluminum wheel rim to within .010 run-out. These tight tolerances are important to maintain smoothness of ride.

The repaired wheel is now ready for a light machining or polish to achieve it's original look. Finally the aluminum alloy wheel is ready for two coats of an industrial clear, or on polished aluminum wheels a polymer can be applied to protect the restored finish.

Aluminum wheel Custom Color rim refinishing restoration, Oven baked industrial clear coat, wheel machining, wheel polishing, rim reconditioning, and Chrome wheel plating finishes are guaranteed.

Aluminum motorcycle wheel repair is our specialty from our experience of having repaired thousands of damaged Motorcycle rims, as well as numerous bent, torn, pothole dented and scratched motorcycle wheels.

Our ACU-TRU® service can correct lateral run out to within .010 for a smooth, safe ride. A bent wheel or rim that is rolled, smashed or gauged can be safely restored to like new condition in most cases through the use of low heat and high pressure. Digital measurements are taken at the start, and throughout the truing and refinishing process to insure each motorcycle wheel rim maintains structural integrity.

alloy wheel repair
motorcycle wheel repair
All successful repairs are guaranteed to be tru and straight and stamped with the ACU-TRU® bent car wheel correction seal of approval. Specialties of The Wheel Warehouse Inc. include rim truing and antique wheel restoration in addition to leaking bead seat repair and curb rash repair.

Used Aluminum Wheel Alloy Automobile wheel-motorcycle rim repair.

Used aluminum alloy rim wheels look sharp and are available in a multitude of styles and sizes. Although an aluminum alloy rim wheel can be expensive to Replace in most cases it is very repairable. Factory Original aluminum car wheels and used car part rims as well as alloy Truck SUV wheel rim types are manufactured with an alloy made up from several grades of newly mined or in most cases recycled aluminum.

Unlike a used auto part rim manufactured from steel witch can suffer from Hydrogen Embrittlement (stress cracks, air pocket inclusions) when it is heated, Most often a used wheel made of aluminum alloy can be safely repaired.

Aluminum is the most recycled non-ferrous metal on our planet due to its molecular structure it can be melted, cast and re-melted indefinitely without loosing any of its structural integrity or flexibility, for this reason used aluminum wheel alloy car part wheels and motorcycle rim rims can be repaired to a like new condition through the use of measured heat and applied pressure performed by an experienced aluminum wheel rim repair specialists.

New Motorcycle rim wheel replacements or new car wheels purchased from a dealer can cost over $600.00 each and take several days to order in!

A quality alloy used aluminum wheel repair can be performed in a matter of hours the majority of time, This greatly reduces the amount of vehicle down time due to a bent wheel or a torn chrome rim. Scraped up used tire rims are another common ailment to used tire rim wheels.

Corroded bead seats which allow a tire used aluminum wheel rim to loose air are responsible for a 70% decrease in tire life as an under inflated tire will generates extreme heat at highway speeds and an over-heated tire will suffer deterioration to its inner liner resulting in loss of air or blow out.

A checked outer rim or creased barrel will also cause uneven tire wear.

Cracked wheel flanges, broke outer rims, out of round spoke rim wheels, or a scratched tire rim, and even a wheel rim with a simple bend to the curbed surface will greatly reduce gas mileage and tire life.

Used aluminum alloy wheel rims can have a bend in the tire bead seat area, or flaking chrome. In practically all used car rim wheels a leaking bead seat in a used aluminum wheel automobile parts wheel and a bent used tire wheel rim can be corrected thru the aluminum alloy tire wheel rim ACU-TRU® repair process.

After a rim wheel has been repaired it needs to receive a coat of an industrial epoxy based primer as well as a coat of protective magnesium finish to prevent the problems from reoccurring. This used aluminum or steel wheel rim repair service will cost an average of $125.00 per wheel rim.

ACU-TRU® Aluminum alloy wheel rim repair is a great option most of the time as an aluminum automobile truck SUV or Motorcycle rim wheel can be trued to the factory specs for an average of $125. A Bent and warped motorcycle rim rim can be restored to original condition just as easily as a Auto,truck,SUV or recreational tire wheel rim with the proper ACU-TRU® fixture.

Auto Car Vehicle Motorcycle Tire wheel Rim restoration for a damaged finish can be a low cost alternative to rim wheel replacement as the normal charge for refinishing is $125 per wheel rim. Industrial clear coat finishes are guaranteed for one years. Chrome rim wheel finish is guaranteed for one year.

Aluminum alloy tire rim wheel polishing is a service worth the wait as our rim wheel recon department can restore or surpass the factory original rim wheel luster to any tire wheel rim whether it is of cast forged or spun aluminum alloy.

Don't let a bend in your wheel ruin your day, ACU-TRU® rim repairs eliminate vibration and bring back the smoothness of ride to a Motorcycle rim wheel or an automobile wheel tire rim.

Having repaired thousands of pothole damaged car alloy rims and curb checked Motorcycle aluminum wheels the ACU-TRU® system has been put to the test, and passed with flying colors. The ACU-TRU® system can detect lateral run-out in a factory or custom aftermarket aluminum alloy car truck SUV or motorcycle rim rim wheel to within a thousands of an inch. This exacting standard insures a smooth safe ride.

ACU-TRU® All Wheels are Double Checked!!

Although they look great, Alloy wheels present a problem. Most damaged alloy wheels are repairable. Wheels from European manufacturers like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo, as well as 2- and 3-piece wheels, like BBS, tend to be soft and are more easily damaged.When they are bent or damaged, the performance suffers. Do you replace or repair?

Replacing your wheels - through a dealer or tire store - can cost hundreds of dollars and take days, depending on the severity of the damage.

Repair vs. Replace

Because replacing a factory wheel can range from $250 to $1500 per wheel
Having alloy wheels repaired can be a great option. But if a wheel has been damaged severely, The Wheel Warehouse will never compromise your safety: If there's any question, We will offer a replacement.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. has one of the most respected repair facilities and wheel networking operations in the country.

There are other companies that claim to repair alloy wheels, However you could be jeopardizing your safety and that of your family by using someone without proper experience.

Because we have been in business for over 12 years, our experience in alloy wheel repairs exceeds most shops. Our aluminum wheel repair specialists can repair most wheels that have been curbed, scrapped up, cracked or chemically damaged, providing excellence in both structural and cosmetic repairs.

We utilize our own engineered equipment and guaranteed processes to return damaged, scraped and, in most cases, bent wheels back to their original factory specifications. Because your safety is our highest priority, we will not repair any alloy wheel that cannot be safely ridden on after repair.

ACU-TRU® Repair process:

The repair process is straightforward. First, we check the wheel for structual integrity and radial runout. With the proper heat, consistent hydraulic pressure and light vibrations under pressure, the alloy wheel will move - without cracking - back to its original condition.

Once identified, each wheel is washed thoroughly to remove all brake dust and enable our repair techs to properly evaluate the extent of damage,

This is particularly important because brake dust removal is essential to determining the level of damage to a wheel. But it must be done correctly, because wheels with a polished or anodized finish can be damaged if the wrong washing compound is used.

A dial indicator is used to determine runout on the wheel. The distance the wheel traveled up and down while spinning would be 5/1,000 of an inch both in the high and low position - or swing.

Lateral runout, on the other hand, is how much the damaged wheel will wobble from side to side. On some larger diameter wheels subjected to a hard pothole hit or curb, the wheel will be bent and, if hit hard enough, it will bend and twist the spokes. Most lateral runout can be corrected with pressure on the back of the wheel.

But when the lateral runout cannot be corrected, the wheel is not repairable.

Lateral runout is the hardest type of repair to accomplish. It also happens to be the most deceptive, because while a wheel may look like it has only minor rim damage, it can actually be fairly significant and not easily seen to the naked eye unless the wheel is spinning. This is especially common on newer front-wheel-drive cars, where much of the force is cantilevered to the back.

We value your safety above everything else and, for that reason, The Wheel Warehouse considers a wheel to be irreparable if cracks appear: Near the base of a spoke Near the lug area On the inner lip of the wheel away from the spokes. (But if a crack is smaller in size, this type of damage is usually salvageable.)

Finally, we inspect for finish defects, searching out poor paint finish or additional scuffs and scratches.

Once fully inspected, all information is added to the wheel's work order. We will then confirms the cost of the work with the customer and remarks on other items that might be involved, such as valve stem types, tire mounting and any other details. Once approved by the customer, work begins.

If the wheel needs refinishing, it is first stripped using an acrylic medium similar to sand. This medium is superior to steel shot or metal oxide, which are more commonly used. Though they remove the finish more quickly and are cheaper, they also rough up the surface and tear away some of the metal. This is particularly destructive when you want to retain any original cast markings that the manufacturer has displayed.

The wheel is placed in a blast cabinet with circulating plastic beads, removing the finish without removing metal. But we do not do this in every situation, because old paint is always the best primer base. We will sometimes fill in the existing finish, prep the surface and cover it with new paint.

The next step in the process is straightening the wheel. This removes the majority of the damage as well as any side-to-side wobble.

Once the wheel is true, it is time to refinish, re-machine or re-polish the wheel. We use a computer color-matching system to match the factory paint finish. If the color is not on file, our painters can match by eye, or deliver a custom finish that is white, anthracite or matched to the owner's specifications.

All wheel finishes are guaranteed for one year. In addition We assure that the wheel will be free of material defect. While this warranty does not cover previous repair wheel scraping or damage to the finish due to the use of improper cleaning chemicals or customer error, it does cover discoloration, fading or peeling for no reason.

If the wheel has a machined finish, it is put on a lathe. for most factory and many custom wheels. If we don't have it in stock, We will locate a wheel within hours.

Upon completion, each wheel is subjected to a final quality check. It is examined for runout and the finish is checked for dirt or dust in the paint, unevenness or orange peel. If everything checks out, the wheel is ready for tire mounting or delivery.

Mounting Your Repaired Wheels

Upon request, we can mount your repaired tires. This is importantbecause we can mount low profile tires without damaging the wheel. Some wheels are harder to install than others and it is not uncommon for wheel mounting facilities to damage a wheel during tire installation. There have been many times when we have sent out a wheel that looks great, but was re-damaged by an inexperienced tire tech.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. can replace wheels from our stock of more than 10,000 Rims & Wheels. With our available capabilities, We can also customize a set of wheels, or repair rare or out of production wheels. Polishing and chroming are two popular options, and we can provide just about any shade or color of painted finish.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. and ACU-TRU® have developed this intensive repair process through more than 12 years in the business. We are meticulous in providing alloy wheel repair that meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards - and you can rely on that.

ACU-TRU® The Nations First Standardized Motorcycle Wheel Repair Rim and Wheel Quality Control System

ACU-TRU® Magnesium aluminum alloy Motorcycle wheel rim reconditioning and restoration repair can restore the look and performance to most Motorcycle, Auto, and Car wheel rims to a pre accident condition.

Motorcycle rim wheel straightening and Truing service can correct lateral run-out to within .05 (thousandths) and horizontal run-out to within .010 run-out for a smooth vibration-free experience.

Safe and reliable motorcycle wheel remanufacturing guidelines are adhered to throughout the Motorcycle Rim and Wheel repair process.

  • Lateral Run out is corrected to within .005 for a smooth and safe ride.
  • New Wheels, Used Rims, and Remanufactured Aluminum, Alloy, Steel, and Chrome Rims all pass through the same Quality Checks.
  • ACU-TRU® Wheels are used by Brigdestone Firestone of North America due to their exactness, consistancy, and reliability.
  • The tests performed on tires require a consistant baseline or a trouble free wheel. This enables the tire company to address quality of ride issues in the development of their tire lines.

ACU-TRU® Wheels are checked and graded in these six specific areas of importance.

  1. Vibration
  2. Lug Port Distortion
  3. Structual Integrity
  4. Bead Seat Corrosion
  5. Lateral Run Out
  6. High Speed Balance

Questions? - Nationwide Tech Line 1-800-941-6400 www.thewheelwarehouse.com

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