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Reconditioning & Refinishing

We feature industry leading wheel repair and restoration services available to the general public.

Aluminum wheels and rims come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. Whether your alloy rim is painted, machined or chrome plated, keeping your expensive wheels safe from the normal wear and tear of your day can be quite a challenge. At The Wheel Warehouse Inc., we process all types of wheels and finishes everyday and pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Automobiles utilize many different kinds of alloy wheel and rim finishes. These finishes include polished finish, painted finish, machined finish, hyper silver finish chrome finish. The process for reconditioning each of these finishes is different. These processes have evolved with The Wheel Warehouse Inc. at the forefront of wheel and rim refinishing and reconditioning. Read below for more information about alloy wheels, alloy rims, finishes, maintenance and services offered by our company.

Here at The Wheel Warehouse Inc., we utilize the revolutionary wheel and rim quality control system known as ACU-TRU ®. This system ensures every wheel that we sell or repair is done so adhering to the strict quality control standards of the ACU-TRU ® system. We repair and refinish wheels from all over the US and Canada. Simply send in your wheel to us with your contact information and desired service, and then a customer service representative will call with a price and timeline. Call us at 937-291-2332 or 1-800-941-6400. Or you can visit our showroom in Dayton, OH. Click here to contact us.

Alloy Wheel and Aluminum Rim Polishing

Aluminum Alloy Wheel Polishing, Aluminum Wheel Polishing, and Aluminum Rim Polishing, of a factory original motor-cycle, automobile aluminum wheel or a custom alloy aftermarket rim is a great way to stylize any Car, Truck or SUV.

The process for remanufacturing a polished aluminum wheel rim is quite involved. First a wheel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any tar, dirt, or foreign matter with a 10 minute bath in our wheel steamer. Next each polished wheel is checked for safety to insure it meets the ACU-TRU ® standards. The wheel is now ready for a light machining to remove corrosion then it's on to the bench for some power buffing followed by our color buff to bring out the aluminum's natural beauty.

After the wheel is color buffed it can either be pretreated and clear coated or a surface polymer can be applied depending on the customers individual requirements.

Aluminum and alloy wheel polishing can be a great alternative to chrome plating a rim or wheel, and it will last twice as long in most cases.

By polishing an alloy rim we are able to remove any and all corrosion. You can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a polished alloy wheel replacement replacement.

Alloy wheel polishing is a safe affective way to renew the appearance of a polished aluminum wheel.

All polished aluminum repairs are guaranteed for one years.

Polished aluminum rims can be finished with or without clear coat.

Pricing varies: Basic polishing starts at $95.00 and can cost up $300.00 per wheel depending on the stage of gloss or shine, feel free to call in and discuss your individual needs.

Below is a pair of motorcycle wheels that underwent the full ACU-TRU ® reconditioning and refinishing process


motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing

Wheel 1

2. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
3. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
4. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
5. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
6. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
7. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
8. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
9. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
10. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
11. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
12. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
13. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
14. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
15. motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing

Wheel 2

1. motorcycle wheel reconditioing process
2. motorcycle wheel reconditioing process
3. motorcycle wheel reconditioing process
4. motorcycle wheel reconditioing process
5. motorcycle wheel reconditioing process

Final Product

motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
tet your damaged wheel

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ACU-TRU® Standards

Strict motorcycle wheel remanufacture standards are adhered to throughout the Motorcycle Rim Repair and Motorcycle wheel repair Truing and Wheel Remanufacturing process. Motorcycle wheel refinishing and Motorcycle wheel polishing can restore the factory look to any Motorcycle wheel repair.