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pdrPaintless Dent Repair now offered by The Wheel Warehouse Inc.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc now offers Paintless Dent Repair. With over 20 years of dent repair experience our highly skilled technicians can repair your dents same day. With specialized tools and new technology our facility in Dayton, OH is fully equipped to offer repair while you wait. We also offer on-site repair call 1-800-941-6400 for more information.

What is PDR

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a ding and dent repair process for your automobile that utilizes specialized tools to access the reverse side of the dented, dinged or damaged area. One of our highly skilled technicians can massage the dent or ding back to its original shape without using paints or harming the finish.

If done properly by a skilled Paintless Dent Repair Technician, all repairs that qualify for this process come out perfect and are undetectable to anyone. In some extreme cases, the damage area may have a slight “wave” that is nearly invisible to the untrained eye.


There are many benefits to using Paintless Dent Repair for your next dent removal.

  • Saves Time - Avg. repair time is only a few hours. Hail damage can takes only days as opposed to weeks.
  • Saves Money - This saves you money in that the repair itself is 50-70% cheaper than traditional body shops and you do not need to rent a car or make costly arrangements to get around. So you save money, your vehicle gets to keep its resale and trade in value, and the original paint will not be disturbed.

The Environment

Whenever paintless dent repair is used, the environment is saved a considerable amount of waste. If you take, for example, a hail damaged car. If that car is repaired using older conventional methods, a lot of waste is created. The panels may be cut out and thrown away. The solvents and paint used create a considerable amount of waste also. We know and understand that sometimes painting damaged vehicles is required but, if it is not necessary, it helps save our planet a little bit at a time.

Call 1-800-941-6400 and speak with Brian for more information