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ACU-TRU® Motorcycle Wheel & Bend Repair

16 years

We feature industry leading wheel repair and restoration services to the general public. ACU-TRU® Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Wheel Repair / Motorcycle Rim Repair / Motorcycle Rim Truing

Utilizing the ACU-TRU® System we can repair and refinish automobile, motorcycle, steel, alloy and other types of wheels to within factory original specifications.

Need a Wheel Repaired?

- Send photos of your wheel(s) and the damage to contact@thewheelwarehouse.com

- then simply print, fill out and send this form in with your damaged wheel.

pdf Wheel Service Request


If you have questions about wheel repair and/or refinishing call our customer service line at 1-800-941-6400. If you are ready to send your wheel in for repair follow these instructions:

Company policy requires payment in full before any wheel repair work starts. Repairs can be completed within 24 hours of receipt by utilizing our Expedited Wheel Repair Service at additional charge. Call 1-800-941-6400 for more information.

Motorcycle rim repair is now offered with a same day or expedited service guarantee. We can affect a complete aluminum Motorcycle wheel repair within 24 hours of having received a damaged, bent, bumped or warped Motorcycle rim for recondition service or Motorcycle rim repair restoration. Alloy Motorcycle rim wheels can be restored to varying degrees with either spot or complete Motorcycle wheel refinishing.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc adheres to ACU-TRU® aluminum motorcycle wheel repair guidelines. The ACU-TRU® Alloy Motorcycle Wheel Repair System can unbend a motorcycle rim to ensure quality and safety by double checking your straightened motorcycle rim repair wheel and refinished aluminum motorcycle rims in six categories.

compareMagnesium and aluminum motorcycle wheel repair alloy wheels are damaged in many ways, most bent motorcycle wheels are repairable within certain parameters. A bent wheel can affect your ride dramatically. From a simple wobble at high speeds, to dangerously out of round wheels that eat away at your tire or a small bend in a cycle rim, it is very important keeping your motorcycle rims true and straight.

When I received my wheel order, the tire installer mentioned that the motorcycle wheel didn’t need any weights to balance tire, thank you for the fantastic repair job! - Bob, NY

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  1. Vibration
  2. Lug Port Distortion
  3. Structual Integrity
  4. Bead Seat Corrosion
  5. Lateral Run Out
  6. High Speed Balance
  • Motorcycle Wheel Rim Repair
  • Motorcycle Bend Repair
  • Motorcycle Wheel Straightening
  • Motorcycle Refinish Repair
  • Motorcycle Warped Wheel Repair
  • Motorcycle Bent Wheel Repair

Take a Look at Our Work....

A pair of motorcycle wheels currently undergoing the full ACU-TRU® reconditioning and refinishing process

motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing
motorcycle wheel repair and refinishing

Motorcycle Wheel Repair, Motorcycle Rim Repair Restoration.

acu-tru motorcycle wheel repair and restorationMotorcycle Rim repair is a service available with varying degrees of quality. Motorcycle rim bends & Motorcycle Wheel repair and rim repairing or restoration can be broken down to the following basic aluminum alloy wheel repair process.

First a motorcycle wheel needs to be thoroughly cleaned with steam or a similar method. This is done so bends, cracks and flaws are visible.

Next, a wheel is checked for truness, structural integrity, excessive run-out, stress cracks, and surface imperfections.

Any deficiencies are noted and corrected as needed. Needed motorcycle wheel repairs, truing, or rim straightening is performed thru the use of controlled heat and applied pressure to bring a bentwheel rim to within .010 run-out. These tight tolerances are important to maintain smoothness of ride on a motorcycle rim repair.

The motorcycle wheel repair is now ready for a light machining or polish to achieve it's original look. Finally the aluminum alloy motorcycle wheel repair is ready for two coats of an industrial clear, or on polished aluminum wheels a polymer can be applied to protect the restored finish.

forged wheelThe ACU-TRU® system for the repair of bent motorcycle used wheels is a daily occurrence at our shop and we employ only the highest level of expertise and the most accurate methods in the motorcycle wheel repair and recondition industry. The use of special dies, forms, and motorcycle rim fixtures ensure that your motorcycle wheels and rims, (factory or aftermarket)will be as good as new.

We specialize in motorcycle wheel finish restoration and rimrepair to correct cosmetic bead and road rash damage. All motorcycle repairs performed to factory service specifications or no charge.

With ten years of experience repairing motorcycle wheels you'd be amazed at what we can fix. As always, we guarantee our work. If we can't repair your rim wheels there is no charge to you.

Cosmetic damage to the motorcycle rim is not uncommon. Our team of motorcycle refinish experts are ACU-TRU® certified. We use heat and hydraulic pressure to repair the wheel and not every finish can be spared. We do what we can to save the finish, but we do not guarantee the cosmetics will not be affected.

We service motorcycle rims for customers from all 50 states. Just send us your motorcycle wheel and we will send it back! We utilize UPS ground for speedy return delivery.

Received the wheel I ordered today. It's even nicer than expected and the promptness in filling the order is incredible. Thank you for this amazing service. Kenneth K. - Illinois

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ACU-TRU® The Nations First Standardized Motorcycle Wheel Repair Rim and Wheel Quality Control System

ACU-TRU® Magnesium aluminum alloy Motorcycle wheel rim reconditioning and restoration repair can restore the look and performance to most Motorcycle, Auto, and Car wheel rims to a pre accident condition.

Motorcycle rim wheel straightening and Truing service can correct lateral run-out to within .05 (thousandths) and horizontal run-out to within .010 run-out for a smooth vibration-free experience.

Safe and reliable motorcycle wheel remanufacturing guidelines are adhered to throughout the Motorcycle Rim and Wheel repair process.

  • Lateral Run out is corrected to within .005 for a smooth and safe ride.
  • New Wheels, Used Rims, and Remanufactured Aluminum, Alloy, Steel, and Chrome Rims all pass through the same Quality Checks.
  • ACU-TRU® Wheels are used by Brigdestone Firestone of North America due to their exactness, consistancy, and reliability.
  • The tests performed on tires require a consistant baseline or a trouble free wheel. This enables the tire company to address quality of ride issues in the development of their tire lines.

ACU-TRU® Wheels are checked and graded in these six specific areas of importance.

  1. Vibration
  2. Lug Port Distortion
  3. Structual Integrity
  4. Bead Seat Corrosion
  5. Lateral Run Out
  6. High Speed Balance

Questions? - Nationwide Tech Line 1-800-941-6400 www.thewheelwarehouse.com

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