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Corrosion Leak Repair


Chrome and alloy wheels have long been a source of problems for slow leaks and bead leaks on cars and trucks. While they look nice and add to the overall appearance of the vehicle, they are prone to corrosion problems that can cause the tire to not seal properly. This can result in slow leaks around the bead and soft tires. Air can find the smallest hole to escape from and when corrosion occurs, a gap can appear under the bead.

We have the cure for your leaking bead seats

Our typical bead seat repair:
before 1 after 1

After a rim wheel has been checked and the corrosion has been removed we apply two coats of a self-etching primer followed by three coats of 100% type 316L Stainless Steel paint that will help to prevent any corrosion from reoccurring.

  • 100% Type 316L Stainless Steel Pigment
  • Ultra-Fast Drying
  • Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Resists Chemicals and Abrasion
  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance
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