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The Wheel Warehouse is proud to offer used wheel repair, motorcycle rim repair, cracked wheel repair, corrosion repair, wheel straightening and OEM wheel sales

Our inventory of over 10,000 factory original manufacturer (OEM) wheel rims. Shop for used steel rim and aluminum car wheels online. The bent aluminum alloy wheel repair, new magnesium bend correction & wheel rim, used steel wheel rim, and reconditioned aluminum wheel rims meet or exceed the ACU-TRU ® standards for structural integrity. Motorcycle wheel rim repair and motorcycle wheel refinish repair requires 24 hrs to complete, click for pricing information.Same day turnaround is offered on expedited motorcycle wheel repair and for aluminum rim straighten repair, bend retruing repair & most alloy wheel repairs and rim repair or recondition rim service including leaking bead seat repair, wheel corrosion repair, chrome failure, curbed or dented rims, bent wheels, custom chrome rims rebuild, aluminum wheel straightening & rim bend restoration, pothole repair, and wheel rim truing & bent rim repair.

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OEM Wheel SalesExpert Rim and Wheel Restoration Services

Our ACU-TRU® Certified Technicians can restore your unique, old, new and rare wheels to like new condition. We pride ourselves on our quality and look forward to the project you have in store for us! Call 1-800-941-6400 and speak with any of our reps to learn more about our restoration services.

OEM Wheel SalesOEM Wheel Sales

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. provides quality factory original used wheels and rims to dealerships, body shops, and individuals across the United States. Call 1-800-941-6400 or Visit our online store

ACU-TRU ® Automobile Wheel RepairACU-TRU® Automobile Wheel and Rim Repair

The ACU-TRU® alloy wheel repair system is utilized for all wheels that we sell and repair. All repairs pass through a six point check system before they merit the ACU-TRU® seal of quality. Learn More

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ACU-TRU ® Motorcycle Rim Repair ACU-TRU® Motorcycle Wheel and Rim Repair

Expert motorcycle rim repair and motorcycle wheel repair are two aluminum alloy recondition services now offered with our ACU-TRU® Quality Assurance Guarantee. Learn More

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OEM Wheel SalesSell Your Wheels and Tires

Visit our new Wheel Exchange and list your wheels for FREE! Connect to thousands of wheel buyers. Listing your wheels is easy and free, takes 5 minutes. Click here to sell your wheels.

ACU-TRU ® Custom & OEM Rim RefinishingACU-TRU® Custom & OEM Wheel and Rim Refinishing

The ACU-TRU® alloy wheel repair system is utilized for all used wheels that we sell and repair. All reconditioned wheels pass through a six point check system before they merit the ACU-TRU® seal of quality.

Used Tire Sales and ServiceTire Sales and Service

Our technicians can replace, repair and install wheels and tires here in house! You can reach us at 1-800-941-6400 to speak with one of our certified representatives. Contact Us

Technical Support and ExpertiseWheel and Rim Technical Support and Expertise

Our years of experience and extensive knowledge will help you find the right solution today. You can reach us at 1-800-941-6400 to speak with one of our certified representatives. Contact Us

Choose Us for your Wheel and Rim Service Needs

Used wheels are the best value in replacement wheels for your car, truck or SUV! Buy a used wheel or buy used wheels from The Wheel Warehouse Inc. The Wheel Warehouse Inc. sells a large inventory of used wheels, used factory wheels, used factory original wheels, used alloy wheel, used rally rims, and used stock aluminum wheels. Look up your make and model in the The Wheel Warehouse Inc. Inventory or The Wheel Warehouse Inc. Catalog. Locate the wheel number you want to buy and call The Wheel Warehouse Inc. to place your order or visit our customer showcase of wheels and rims.

Utilizing the ACU-TRU® Wheel and Rim Repair System, The Wheel Warehouse Inc. ensures the safety and comfort of its customers through enforcing the ACU-TRU® wheel repair standards. Did you hit a pothole? We repair wheel pothole and curb rashed wheels and rims. Give us a call at 1-800-941-6400.

Average cost to Tru a bent motorcycle wheel or straighten a motorcycle rim is $175 to $285 with complete Motorcycle rim reconditioning service service ticketing out at an average of $185 to $270.

Wheel Corrosion and Leaking Bead Seat Repairs

Chrome and alloy wheels have long been a source of problems for slow leaks and bead leaks on cars and trucks. While they look nice and add to the overall appearance of the vehicle, they are prone to corrosion problems that can cause the tire to not seal properly. This can result in slow leaks around the bead and soft tires. Air can find the smallest hole to escape from and when corrosion occurs, a gap can appear under the bead.


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Motorcycle Rim Repair

Our expert wheel and rim repair service for motorcycle is second to none. We are ACU-TRU® Certified meaning that every wheel we fully repair is guaranteed to be tru and straight.

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Alloy Wheel and Rim Repair

We specialize in repairing bent wheels, cracked rims, corrosion, leaks and severely damaged alloy wheels. Call us at 800-941-6400 for more information or click below for an estimate.

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Interested in getting into the wheel business?

The ACU-TRU® System provides wheel repair equipment, wheel reconditioning equipment, training and wheel sales support to entrepreneurs, wheel repair technicians, body shops, dealerships and many others. Licensing opportunities are available now!

Click here to learn more about the ACU-TRU® System

Wheel & Rim Repair Supply

ACU-TRU® has just launched a new website offering wheel repair equipment, supplies, accessories and licensing for anyone in the wheel industry or looking to get into it. Click below to shop online for wheel repair supplies.

wheel repair supply

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Wheel and Tire Information & News

We now offer Dayton Wire Wheels

Click here to learn more about Dayton Wire Wheels

Puncture Repair Procedures for Passenger and Light Truck Tires

The excerpts are cited from the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s “Puncture Repair Procedures for Passenger and Light Truck Tires”wall chart, which contains the industry recommended puncture repair procedures for all tire repair technicians and facilities.

Tips To Avoid Damaged Wheels

We have a lot of experience with wheels. We've been in this busines a long time, and we've seen it all. We want to pass on some of our knowledge to you on how to keep your wheels in great condition for the long term. These tips apply to wheels of all construction types - cast, forged, flow-formed, etc. Hopefully this helps, let us know what you think!

  • Maintain Your Tire Pressure Levels. Check the tire manufacturer's website for exact details for your tires. The only thing protecting your wheels from the road is your tires. If they are not properly inflated, the chance of a bent or cracked wheel skyrockets.
  • Avoid Construction Zones. Uneven pavement is a major cause of damaged wheels. If you know a road is under construction, take an alternate route. Even if it takes extra time, it's worth it to avoid damaging your wheels or suspension.
  • Know the Warning Signs that a Pothole is Nearby. Potholes are most likely to develop during and immediately after harsh weather such as rain storms. Always be more on alert at these times. If you see loose gravel on the road, chances are a fresh pothole is nearby. See the picture to the right that shows a pothole and loose gravel right next to it. This is what to be on the lookout for.
  • Don't Let Other People Drive Your Car. Less experience behind the wheel of your car increases the chance your friend or family member could run into a curb or not be as attentive to road hazards. Do they really care about the condition of your wheels as much as you do?
  • Do Not Use Wheel Cleaners or Degreasers. Clean your wheels with mild soap & water ONLY. If you wouldn't spray it on your car's paint, don't spray it on your wheels!! !
  • Avoid Parallel Parking. This is the top cause of curb rash damages. If you have a choice, park in a standard parking space.
  • Avoid Automatic Car Washes. Automatic rails can cause curb rash, employees may use harsh chemical cleaners on your wheels damaging the clear coat or paint.

My Wheel Just Got Destroyed by a Pothole!! What do I do Now?

In the event that you drive through a road hazard which damages your wheels, pull over to a safe area and immediately use your camera phone to take a picture of the pothole or construction zone which caused the damage. You can then report the incident with photo evidence to your city and in most cases they will reimburse you for the replacement costs. How do we know this? Two of us here at ModBargains have personally been successful with this. Don't forget after having wheels and tires put on for first time or taken off in replacing a flat, always go back 1 week after to re-torque your bolts to specification. This is a necessary safety step to make sure everything is properly bolted to your vehicle.

Find Your Wheel Quick!

After many years of experience in the wheel repair and OEM wheel industry we have compiled the web's most comprehensive online catalog selling Used Wheels, Used Rims, Factory Original Rims, OEM Rims and Used Alloy Wheels for all makes and models of trucks and cars. Locating your used alloy wheel has never been easier, simply click the make of your car below and you will visit a page with the various models. Below you will find links to factory original Factory Wheel, OEM Rim, Used Rims, OEM Wheels or Used OEM Wheel that you are looking for. If along the way you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-941-6400 for answers regarding the purchase of all OEM Wheels, Used Rim, Factory Rims, Alloy Rims, OEM Rim, Used Wheel, Factory Original Wheels and Used Wheels at

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the highest quality New Takeoff Wheels, Used Rims and Remnufactured Alloy Rim. All wheels and rim are guaranteed to be tru and straight shipped from our main facility in Dayton, OH.

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Industrial clear coat finishes are guaranteed for one year. New and remanufactured wheels carry a one year warrantee. Chrome wheels are warrantied for one year with normal maintenance. Wheels carry a 30-day money back guarantee.

Explanation of Wheel Types
Glossary of Wheel and Rim Industry Terms
Wheel Torque Chart

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About the ACU-TRU® System

Are you interested in the wheel business? Do you want to expand or upgrade your company’s wheel related capabilities? If so, then ACU-TRU® is your answer. The ACU-TRU® Wheel Repair System is the nation’s foremost wheel and rim repair system offering equipment, training and licensing to dealers across the United States. Our proprietary wheel repair machines, equipment and support provide our licensees with extensive business support while supplying the equipment and tools required to repair, refinish and sell wheels.

We are seeking individuals and businesses interested in providing expert wheel and rim services to customers in need. Almost anyone with or without experience in the wheel industry can become an ACU-TRU® Authorized Dealer and learn how to repair/refinish wheels while adhering to the highest standards in the industry. For years, the ACU-TRU® System has proven itself over and over through its impeccable record of success and safety by its implementation of a proprietary six point quality check process.

We look forward to answering your questions and pledge to provide the highest in service and value. Take a look at the following pages and we are confident you will share our excitement for this exceptional opportunity.

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Safety is Important When Installing Your Wheels and Rims - May 2012

It is very important to install your used wheels, used rims, chrome wheels, alloy wheels and OEM rims safely and correctly as to avoid tire failure and accidents on your car or truck. Please refer to an expert installer or your manual for the specifics on proper installation of alloy wheels, rims, used wheels, remanufactured wheels and reconditioned alloy wheels. Included in the manual will be the specifications on tire pressure, lug nuts and the like. Proper care and safety is important when lifting your vehicle to do any type of mechanical repairs including replacement of your used wheels, repaired wheels and used oem rims. We do value you as our customer and desire for your purchase and installation to go safe and smooth. Please consider using a local tire, repair shop or our facility in Dayton, OH to do your installation of Used repaired Rims or Used Wheel repairs for the safest possible result. We will also high speed balance and align your wheels and rims if necessary, and also check your valve stems to see if they need to be replaced. Another safety concern to be aware of is your lug nut. Your lug nuts need to be the correct thread and the size your factory manual specifies. You must also make sure to have all your lug nuts in place on your Original Wheels, Used Rims, OEM Rims, or Used Wheels. Check your local phone book for a shop in your area to install your wheels.

Wheel and Rim Shipping Notice - Aug 2011

We have recently noticed an increase in shipping damage on used wheels and used rims shipped to our facility here in Dayton, OH. We have been receiving damaged wheel rims from both our vendors and customers on a regular basis. Due to the fragile nature of some rim finishes it is very important that the wheel rim be packaged carefully preventing any nicks, scratches or bends that might accidentally occur in transit. Some used Audi rims, used Volkswagen rims and OEM Mercedes wheels are especially vulnerable to shipping damage. Whenever you sell a used rim or return a broken damaged wheel to us please use the same packing materials and method that you received it in.

We at The Wheel Warehouse Inc. have for years taken steps to avoid this costly mistake. When you buy a used wheel rim, oem wheel or used chrome rim from us you will receive it tightly in a strong cardboard box with foam, plastic and spacers in some cases. It is important for both us and our customers that the wheel reach its destination in the condition that it left our facility in.

"Take Off" Facts

Are your wheels perfect? The answer is that no take-offs are ever perfect. Take-offs are "new" wheels and tires that are removed when a dealer or customer upgrades his car to aftermarket wheels. Most vehicles stay on dealer lots for months before being sold; therefore, are washed two to three times a week, leaving water spots and/or scratches from cleaning rags. As take-offs go, if you can't see it in a picture, it is considered perfect, just as you would not see imperfections when looking at your wheels from three feet away. Other scratches to wheels come from dealer personnel removing the wheels, and leaving the caps upside down on the ground before putting them in a bag with the lug nuts, or removing wheel weights to dismount the tires when removing the sensors. Stacking wheels and tires face up also creates a potential for scratches when the top wheel is put in a vertical position to show a potential customer, the tires having picked up dust and dirt. Used wheels are always sold with "light dings and scratches" mentioned in the ad for the same reason, but amplified by months of use. We do our best to highlight small visible damage, but surface nicks and scratches are normal when buying used items. Please keep in mind, we buy all these items "as is" from dealerships and wheel stores, and unfortunately pass along the imperfections created along the way to the end buyer. As evidenced by our feedback, we do all in our power to describe and photograph all items as best we can, and ask for a chance to solve any problem that might have slipped through our quality control inspection, prior to leaving feedback. Thank you for your business, please send us your referrals!

New!!! ACU-TRU® Offers Motorcycle Wheel Repair Machine

Just out of the development phases, ACU-TRU® now offers a proprietary motorcycle wheel and rim repair machine. This machine is the first of kind soon to be offered to the public. Stay tuned for more details or visit by clicking here.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. Awarded "Best of Business"

Congratulations to The Wheel Warehouse Inc., The Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is pleased to announce that The Wheel Warehouse Inc has been selected for the 2010 Best of Business Award in the Wheels, motor vehicle category. The SBCA Best of Business Award Program recognizes the best of small businesses throughout the country. Using consumer feedback and other research, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American ec0onomy. The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports.

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It's October!

This April marks the arrival of our new line of used Subaru Legacy 5 spoke 17 X 7 wheel Part # 28111AG04A. Used Chevy or used reconditioned Chevrolet GMC Wheels, and used Pontiac G6 rims Part #88965607 or interchange # 6598 sell for $279.00 each. Used Grand Am rim wheel repairs are an area of growth now that the cost of a replacement wheel can sell for as much as $740.00. A used Pontiac G6 wheel # 88967381 with an interchange Part# of 6584U85 can be bought for as little as $175.00 with a core exchange. Used Chevy Cobalt Rimwheel options vary but can be restored to a like new condition rebuiltreconditioned or remanufactured fixed repaired state that is every bit as serviceable as a new Cadillac replacement good used Grand Prix wheel # 89060350, or #89060320 repair.

Motorcycle Wheel Repair

The Wheel Warehouse Inc launches satellite motorcycle wheel repair web site. visit site

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We offer State-of-the-Art Installation Services

It’s Here, Finally, The Coats APX90 Tire Changing Machine, This Machine can install tires without damage to the wheel or tire, (UP TO AND INCLUDING 32” WHEELS)!!!

Did you get a receipt the last time you had your tires rebalanced? Here at ACU-TRU ® rim and wheel repair every wheel that we balance comes with a computerized certificate of balance, this certificate is generated by our Coats Ride Management Balancing Equipment APX90. Our Rim and Wheel Balancer is one of the Latest, most complete systems available to date, you are certain to feel the difference, It’s important to note: Properly balanced wheel and tire assemblies last longer!

Bent Wheel Repair, Aluminum Rim Straighten and Truing: Time Line July 2011

There are many arguments and schools of thought on the repair, straighten or replacement of a bent, cracked, or warped aluminum alloy rim or wheel. In reality, aluminum car, motorcycle, and truck rims, and wheels can be heated and reheated an infinite number of times without loosing any structural integrity. This is the main reason a skilled wheel repair facility such as an Authorized ACU-TRU ®™ dealer can place a bent, warped, twisted, creased, or damaged aluminum alloy rim or wheel under measured heat and pressure to straighten or bring it back to its before accident condition. After a damaged aluminum wheel is properly restored it will provide the same service life as a new or used rim wheel that has never been re-manufactured.

Electro-Mechanical Contact Corrosion - new

This condition or ailment is most often found to be problematic with Chromed Alloy Wheels and Rims. When an aluminum alloy rim or wheel is chrome plated it becomes prone to corrosion in the area of the bead seats and barrel. This corrosion will always result in a poor seal and leaking air. This problem is very correctable with a re-machining of the wheel, the application of an epoxy self etching primer and a protective finish. Our ACU-TRU ® system is guaranteed to correct this leaking problem for 1 full year, with a common service life of 3 years in most cases.

LEAKING BEAD SEATS NO PROBLEM - repairs start at $145

Eddy Testing

Eddy-current testing can detect very small cracks in or near the surface of the material, the surfaces need minimal preparation, and physically complex geometries can be investigated. It is also useful for making electrical conductivity and coating thickness measurements.

This form of testing relies on the attraction of magnetic particles to the flux leakage when an eddy current is passed through the material, this is a indication of the flaws existence, this flux leakage is caused by the flaw in the ferromagnetic material for which is being tested.

The testing devices are portable, provide immediate feedback, and do not need to contact the item in question. Recently tomographic notion of ECT has been explored.

We've Got the Wheel You Need!

check our our new custom gold chrome option, call us at 1-800-941-6400

we have the wheel you need

OEM Factory Original Grand Am Wheels

Chrome Clad Aluminum Pontiac Grand Am alloy wheels GM #12368952, GM #88955429, GM #12368869, GM#88952498, GM#88955431, OEM Factory Original Grand Am Wheels, GM#88892461, GM#88955430, GM#9592799, GM#12368869

oem grand am wheelOEM Aluminum grand am wheel Used Chrome Grand Am wheel aluminum Pontiac Grand Am wheels are in stock. The used chrome Grand Am wheel is available in two Chrome Clad Grand Am wheel styles and ready to ship to Body Shops Tire Stores and the general public. Chrome clad PT Cruiser wheels are easy to maintain.

A new Chrome used Grand Am wheel is sold to used auto parts dealers with our quality guarantee. Used tire stores that purchase a used Grand Am wheel factory original used chrome clad grand am wheel rim can be confident of it's quality as each used aluminum Pontiac Grand Am rim wheel is inspected prior to sale. Body shops love our used chrome alloy Grand am Wheels as they Match the used OEM Chrome Clad Grand Am wheel already on the car.

aluminum grand am chrome wheelWheel resellers throughout the US have come to rely on the ACU-TRU ® Quality Chrome Grand Am Rim found on this site. Used chrome grand am rims are a great alternative to buying a new factory original OEM Chrome Clad Grand Am rim or aluminum wheel.

OEM grand am wheel rim is available as clean used or new. By stocking both chrome Grand Am alloy pontiac grand am chrome rimwheels as well as good used Chrome Grand Am rims and a silver version of the Grand Am wheel we can overnight a factory replacement rim aluminum grand am chrome wheel to your door via UPS. A new Pontiac Grand Am rim or Pontiac G6 wheels also available from our 22,000 sq. ft warehouse in Dayton Ohio. Once an order is received for an OEM alloy G6 rim or an aluminumG6 wheel our team of ACU-TRU ® wheel quality control specialists will check, and double check all areas of each alloy wheel forsafety and rim performance.

We will restore your Chrome Grand Am wheels to our quality assured better than new condition. This process usually takes 24 hours from the time we receive your Chrome Grand Am Wheel. This service is an option when exchange chrome rim wheels are not in inventory, and is also useful when timing is not as critical. Check out our customer showcase for recent cars outfitted with Chrome rims purchase.

Motorcycle Rim Repair

Motorcycle wheel repair or aluminum wheel restoration, has become a great alternative to Motorcycle rim replacement ever since there have been aluminum Motorcycle wheels or Motorcycle rims made from aluminum alloy.

Safe and effective aluminum Motorcycle wheel straightening and repair can be performed thru our ACU-TRU ® reconditioned wheel system which combines heat and pressure in an exacting balance for a safe rim restoration.

We can recondition Bent, torn, dented, scrapped, gouged, road rashed, and curbed Harley Davidson Motorcycle wheels and more. Rim and wheel reconditioning is possible thru our Truing system which includes six check points for safety thus ensuring a smooth ride.

With one day turn a round for most alloy Motorcycle rim repairs we have become the industry leader with thousands of repair alloy wheels to our credit.

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BWW, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Orange County Choppers, and many other Motor cycle wheel manufactures can benefit from our reconditioned alloy wheels. A refurbished aluminum wheel is as good in most cases as a factory restored alloy rim or wheel.

Remanufactured aluminum Motorcycle wheels are guaranteed to be Tru and Straight for performance.

If you choose to have your Motorcycle wheel put thru our recon process of Truing or bent repair the simplest way is to UPS us the damaged Motorcycle wheel part for Restoration.

Our ACU-TRU ® aluminum wheel remanufacturing will save you money and get you back on the track in record time. Reconditioned aluminum Motorcycle rims look and perform as well as they did before they were a damaged aluminum Motorcycle wheel

Pressure Alert

Air Pressure Alert! News release by Brian Hucke - an ACU-TRU ® Authorized Dealer

Under normal driving conditions most aluminum alloy rim wheel or magnesium alloy tire wheel assemblies lose 1 lb. of air per month. During the Fall and Winter Season, throughout much of the country, Lower outside air temperatures result in an air loss to most Car, Truck, and SUV tire rim and wheel assemblies.

Have you ever purchased a helium filled balloon in a store and watched it shrink as you went outside into the cold air? Your tires experience the same reaction, only the effects are not as obvious. In fact you can expect your tire wheel rim assembly to lose an (Additional 1-2 pounds of air for every 10 degrees of temperature drop. An under-inflated tire will allow the rim wheel to bend more easily. It will also run hot, wear unevenly, and you can say good-bye to the mileage warranty as well. An under inflated tire operates at a much higher heat and will result in premature deterioration of the side wall creating a very unsafe condition. So make sure you keep the tires properly inflated and checked monthly, your tires and wallet will appreciate it.

For those of you that do not take the time to maintain the air pressure in your Car, Truck, or SUV Tires; We offer reasonable steel rim, and aluminum bent car rim wheel repairs that meet or exceed the ACU-TRU ® standards for quality and safety. Questions? Call: 1-800-941-6400

Motorcycle Alloy Wheel Repair

Used Honda Motorcycle 600RR, 954RR, 1000RR rim wheel repair is available while-U-wait. Used Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle wheel rim repairs are guaranteed.

The Suzuki DR 350 enduro wheels can be trued to within .010 for a trouble free ride. Suzuki SV1000 wheels along with SV650 rims are cast alloys that can take a punch and be trued to like new most of the time.

The GSX-R 600 and 750 Bikes have cast alloy rims that can be a challenge for our Motorcycle repair specialists, However all used aluminum Motorcycle wheel repairs and wheel straightening can be corrected to better than new. The Used Honda CBR 600 and Honda CBR 1000 Motorcycle Rim wheels are spin tested after truing.

Not to be outdone the used Yamaha R1 Motorcycle rim and Used Yamaha R6 Motorcycle alloy rim and wheel assemblies are straightened to eliminate any vibration.

Used Kawasaki ZX6 Motorcycle wheel and the Used Kawasaki ZX9 Motorcycle rim wheel can be trued and straightened to pre-accident condition for approx $155 and all services take place same day we receive your wheel. The used Ninja Kawasaki ZX10 Motorcycle wheels are easily repaired, trued, straightened, and refinished with our expedited wheel repair service, NOT AVAILABLE ON ALL WHEELS. Also ask about our DISCOUNTED Next Day UPS shipping.

Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle polished aluminum alloy wheel rim repairs will save you hundreds and have a two year finish guarantee. The used Harley Davidson Motorcycle rim whether it is a Fat boy, A Rigid, Soft tail, Wide glide, or Road King Motorcycle we can service the rim wheels to a like new condition in most cases.

Cast aluminum car wheel repair, alloy automobile wheel reconditioning, and billeted Motorcycle aluminum alloy car & auto rims restoration, straighten, and bent cast aluminum alloy rim rebuilding, rim wheel repair, or aluminum cast alloy bend straighten and sales.

Aluminum Wheel Polishing

dodge charger polished alloy rim

Dodge Charger polished alloy car rim Alloy Wheel Polishing, Aluminum Wheel Polishing is performed to such a degree as to create a near chrome like appearance on most aluminum alloy car rim or motorcycle rim wheels, and Aluminum Rim Polishing, of a factory original dodge charger polished alloy wheel aluminum wheel or a custom alloy aftermarket rim is a great way to stylize any Car, Truck, SUV, or Motorcycle.

The process for remanufacturing a polished aluminum wheel rim is quite involved. First a wheel is thoroughlydodge charger polished alloy wheelcleaned to remove any tar, dirt, or foreign matter with a 10 minute bath in our wheel steamer. Next each polished wheel is checked for safety to insure it meets the ACU-TRU ® standards. The wheel is now ready for a light machining to remove corrosion then it's on to the bench for some power buffing followed by our color buff to bring out oldsmobile alero polished aluminum rimthe aluminum's natural beauty.

The process for remanufacturing a polished aluminum wheel rim is quite involved. First a wheel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any tar, dirt, or foreign matter with a 10 minute bath in our wheel steamer. Next each polished wheel is checked for safety to insure it meets the ACU-TRU ® standards. The wheel is now ready for a light machining to remove corrosion then it's on to the bench for some power buffing followed by our color buff to bring out Oldsmobile Alero polished aluminum rim the chevrolet 2500 polished alloy wheelaluminum's natural beauty.

Motorcycle wheel polishing requires the same prep work as an aluminum car wheel. However when completing a motorcycle wheel or car rim repair or a motorcycle rim repair a tighter tolerance is held due to the structure of the alloy, as the motorcycle wheel repair continues the correct motorcycle wheel straightening technique of repair to the outer bent or dented rim is performed without compromising the wheels structural integrity. Finally the motorcycle or auto car rim is ready for the protective polymer or Industrial clear coat.

After the wheel is color buffed it can either be pretreated and clear coated or a surface polymer can be applied depending on the customers individual requirements.

oldsmobile alero polished aluminum wheelAluminum and alloy wheel polishing can be a great alternative to chrome plating a rim or wheel, and it will last Oldsmobile Alero polished aluminum wheel twice as long in most cases.

By polishing an alloy auto or car rim wheel we are able to remove any and all corrosion. You can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a polished alloy wheel replacement.

Pricing varies: Basic polishing starts at $145.00 and can cost up $300.00 per wheel depending on the stage of gloss or shine, feel free to call in and discuss your individual needs.

ACU-TRU ® Aluminum / Steel Car Rim Repair / Auto Wheel Reconditioning / OEM Steel Rim Replacements

ACU-TRU ® Aluminum car rim repair or recondition service is fast becoming one of the most affordable ways to correct the bend on a custom chrome rim wheel. Avoid costly factory auto car rim wheel replacement costs. Aluminum alloy car wheel rims can be restored to the near perfect level they were originally manufactured. Cast aluminum rims, forged alloy wheel rims, or a billeted wheels are sold or repaired at up to 50% of the list cost from the dealer. The Wheel Warehouse Inc. maintains a complete inventory of factory original wheels and discounts them via the internet or the 22,000 square feet of warehouse inventory space located in Kettering Ohio.

click here to visit ACU-TRU ® Wheel Repair

The ACU-TRU ® restoration process for a bent aluminum alloy car rim wheel can be completed the same day in most cases and ranges in price from $145 for a simple bent auto car rim wheel repair all the way up to $400 for a complex repair on magnesium wheels requiring additional time on the wheel press. Please call 1-800-941-6400 for magnesium wheel repair pricing.

Our ACU-TRU ® rim wheel straightening and truing of auto and car rim wheels is guaranteed to eliminate all run-out and vibration which always results in a smooth safe ride. Steel rim wheels are a low cost option for winter wheel set replacements. In addition to stocking OEM steel wheel rims our ACU-TRU ® repair press can correct lateral run-out found in most steel rim and Motorcycle wheel hubs. Chrome Clad Grand Am wheel and Chrome PT Cruiser wheel rim sections that are bent or out of round can be restored to a like new condition in a matter of minutes and are included in our aluminum alloy wheel rim repair guarantee.

How to Read a Tire Sidewalls

OEM Steel Rims

Used and new factory original manufacturer (OEM) Steel Rims which are comvolkswagon jetta steel rimmonly referred to as steel wheels or a steel rim can suffer the same problems that plague remanufactured aluminum wheels and chevy silverado used steel wheelrecondition aluminum wheels.

But with a difference, Steel has a greater un-sprung weight than its alloy cousin and a steel rim or a steel wheel is much harder to repair as it is either tempered or heat treated in most cases. And the uncontrolled heating of a steel wheel can lesson its strength and create hydrogen embrittlement (cracking of the steel as pockets of hydrogen form and try to escape).

chevy used steel wheelWhen a steel wheel is remanufactured, recondition, refurbished, restored, or put through restoration and refinish such as chevrolet cavalier used steel wheelpowder coating care is taken not to excessively heat the rim.

All reconditioned steel rims and reconditioned steel wheels pass thru the ACU-TRU ® system for safety and performance.

When we recon a steel wheel with the ACU-TRU ® quality checks you can be sure that the steel or alloy rim will provide a safe and vibration free ride.

The Aftermarket Alloy Wheel Rim Upgrade

Alloy wheels and used alloy rims are probably one of the most common styling modifications performed today. Alloy wheels come in a wide variety of sizes shapes and colours. Generally the larger the wheel rim and the lower profile the tire the nicer it looks. However, there are practical limits though as large wheels will adversely affect handling and can even rub on the wheel arches on full lock. For more information on the practical side of fitting alloy wheels have a look at the alloy wheel article in tuning. Switching to low brake dust pads will help to keep cleaning your new rims a simple job.

Cars have different numbers of lugs on their hubs, the distance and size of these nuts also varies and the amount of internal space in the wheel for brake disks also comes into play. Complicated wheel patterns can make cleaning a real problem and brake dust does tend to cause pitting especially on rough textured alloy wheels.Mating a new alloy to low brake dust pads will help to reduce this problem. Spinners add another layer of complexity to cleaning as well but make an interesting effect spinning at a different rate to the rest of the wheel.When you get the wheels fitted ask for the balancing weights to be fitted to the inside as these can look really unsightly.

Many alloy wheels allow a better view of the brake disk and calipers so ensure that these are in good condition perhaps using a little caliper paint as well.
Chrome Rimmed alloys Chrome alloys look really good against dark paintwork (VIP style) but remember that most wheels can be painted and this opens a wide selection of possible looks. Spray them dark for a sleeper look. When alloys get kerbed they can look really unsightly so a good choice of tire would include a wide wall to help avoid these scrapes. Bear this in mind when choosing an alloy wheel as some designs stick out so much they are just asking for kerbing. Spacers inside the wheel against the hub will make the tires line up with the edge of the arches and this widening of the footprint can improve the handling of the car. Split rims are two parts which have multiple bolts connecting them together and this can also make the wheel fill the arch and allow a much wider tire to be used. Remember that if the wheel is much wider or bigger than standard you will need to get the suspension realigned and set up otherwise you can compromise your handling and safety.

They're Here!

ford focus aluminum rimsThey're Here!, The 2010 Ford Focus wheels arrived today from our northern affiliate, These factory original aluminum rims are in like new condition and come with our two year reconditioned alloy wheel guarantee.

The used Ford edge wheel is in stock in either a chrome wheel or silver alloy recon aluminum wheel option. The Ford Explorer aluminum alloy steel wheels can interchange with the Mercury Mariner wheel as they share the same bolt circle.

Ford Taurus is back, Ford has brought back the Taurus alloy wheels with new and cutting edge designs. Used Ford Taurus aluminum wheels are in stock just in time for the 2010 winter season. Taurus wheels have always been a steady moving used auto part here at the Dayton Ohio wheel remanufacturing auto parts facility.

Aluminum Taurus rims can be purchased from our inventory of over 10,000 used alloy wheels. If needed we can ford explorer used alloy wheelsrepair your Ford Taurus aluminum wheel with our ACU-TRU ® system and save you money in the process.

ford mustang alloy rimAluminum alloy Mustang wheels will never go out of style, Since it's creation in 1964, The Ford Mustang alloy rim has been UPS shipped to as far away as London England to car enthusiasts and automobile collectors. Aluminum Mustang Cobra Gt wheels are a very sought after item. The straightening, truing, restoration, and refinishing of Ford Mustang wheels will provide a low cost alternative to your used auto parts wheel replacement needs.

Ford Escort alloy wheels and Ford Fusion ford fusion used aluminum wheelsaluminum wheels can be ordered in either a bright polished wheel finish, Chrome rim, or silver alloy wheel version. The Ford Escort steel rim is available at a cost of $79.00 with shipping to most states of only $24. Escort aluminum alloy wheels can be purchased in either sets of four or one at a time.

Ford Expedition Aluminum wheels can be restored to their original alloy wheel condition at a cost of $145 per alloy rim. This remanufactured aluminum alloy wheel carries a two year finish guarantee. The 17" Expedition wheel is in stock and will make a great customize or chrome upgrade to your SUV.

ford expedition used alloy wheelsFord Excursion, E150, F150, F250, and F350 Truck wheels are priced below cost with the clear coated finish and machining services available to restore the factory original alloy wheel look
and performance.

A reconditioned Ford Windstar aluminum wheel or the ever popular Ford Ranger wheel rim can be found here as they are in good supply. The Ford Thunderbird wheel and the recent offering of Ford Freestyle rim sales and alloyed aluminum wheels have increased with the pot hole damage this season. The Freestar aluminum wheel is fast becoming a hot seller. Used Probe alloy and steel wheels are available in limited supply as the vehicle is slowing in popularity.

Ford Fusion aluminum wheels can be refurbished to a like new condition for an average cost of $145 plus shipping, this repair process will take 24 to 48 hours in most cases.

Chrysler Factory Original Rims

pt cruiser used chrome wheelWith the success of Chryslers PT cruiser aluminum wheels and chrome alloy PT Cruiser rims, the ever popular five spoke aluminum PT Cruiser wheels have kept us very busy here at The Wheel Warehouse. Standard used 15" steel rims are in stock. Used 16" alloy PT Cruiser wheels and used 17" Chrome PT Cruiser rims or New PT Cruiser alloy wheels are guaranteed to be double checked for trueness and safety. Leaking bead seats are a common problem with chrome alloy wheels and can be corrected with our ACU-TRU ® process. The six spoke Chrome clad PT Cruiser Wheel is a great improvement over the traditional chrome as it's finish is virtually maintenance free.

We have Dodge Neon and Dodge Stratus aluminum wheels in stock and ready for shipment, all used Dodge Neon dodge stratus used wheelwheels and Dodge Stratus rims are guaranteed to meet or exceed your needs for fitment and smoothness of ride. Purchase a new or used Dodge Stratus or Neon rim in steel, alloy, or chrome and save money. A Used Dodge Stratus wheel is better than a new Stratus rim as it is less expensive and looks the same.

Used Chrysler 300 wheels or one of Mopar's newer 300 line of 18" chrome 300M or 300C aluminum alloy wheels and have been selling up to 50% off list price.

The used Dodge magnum aluminum wheel is in stock in either a used alloy wheel version or a like new factory take off wheel. The Dodge Magnum Rim is available in 17" 18" or 20" sizes and can ship via UPS within hours of the wheel order being placed.

oem chrysler lhs rimUsed Dodge Nitro wheels are available in the factory aluminum OEM wheel finish or our new Black Chrome alloy rim wheel optional finish which is a durable and great looking option for new, used, or reconditioned aluminum wheel rims.

A Used Dodge Caliber aluminum rim, Steel, and chrome alloy wheel is a great addition to any inventory of new, used, or polished factory original steel rim or wheel collection.

Our inventory continues to grow with the addition of used Dodge Caravan wheels or new used OEM Dodge Grand Caravan alloy rims wheels. The Dakota SUV wheel has went from a basic utility truck rim to a premier stylized accessory option wheel in the Dakota used Durango wheel & SUV and aluminum Durango wheel market.

New used Dodge truck 1500 wheels are in stock in 16" 17" and 20" Chrome Dodge truck wheels. Our 20" Dodge truck wheels are guaranteed to perform and the chrome Dodge truck wheel finish will last for years.

chrysler pacifica aluminum rimUsed Chrysler Pacifica chrome wheels can be purchased as chrome exchange or outright from our chrysler sebring aluminum wheelvast inventory. New Chrysler Pacifica rims are great improvement to your vehicles appearance and performance as all our used aluminum wheels pass thru a six-point check system for safety and vibration performance.

Chrysler Sebring wheels are in stock, as these low profile tires remain popular. Used Chrysler Sebring rims are available in 16" and 17". Used aluminum Sebring rims can also be repaired by our in house restoration department with a 24 hr. turnaround in most cases.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. - Overview

other talk big, we are bigWelcome to The Wheel Warehouse Inc. You will see why we proclaim - "You Need It, We've Got It !!! Whether its refinishing, repairing, straightening, welding, truing, color matching, Or quality control assurance, you can be sure that every wheel we handle has been "Double Checked" by our team of expert wheel professionals. We specialize in new Wheels,Used Rims,Used Rims, Used Wheels, remanufactured, refinished, auto part, salvage yard, junkyard, auto dealership parts, discount and retail distributor wholesale car part, and foreign and domestic wheels.

No matter what your need, we have it all, from alloy, aluminum, steel, poly cast, OEM, factory original, stock, show chrome, and new take off wheels. We are the first and only wheel company you will need. Buy where the car dealers shop - we distribute alloy wheels to auto recycles, tire stores and body shops in the United States and abroad. Stop fishing around, call us and you will have more time to enjoy life's other pleasures like golf, tennis, and travel, weather related sports like baseball, Nascar racing, family vacations, discount cruises, and Olympic jewelry buying and selling of new and used automobiles. Why park your car and resort to flying around like a travel agent looking for discount airline tickets? Call us first! In addition to being the Editors choice in North America, we strive to be the #1 supplier of new, used, remanufactured, rebuilt wheels and auto parts, in all regions of the United States., including the Midwest, the East, the South, the West, the North and the Central states.

Visa, And Mastercard purchases are always welcome. We do a large amount of mail order sales and our customers rate our service very high on custom rims and factory wheels sales. Hot Rod and Truckin Magazine readers consider The Aluminum Wheel Warehouse - "A best buy on the internet". Discounts on the radio, and discounts online involving other wheel companies, as well as other online auction sales don't compare to the savings you will get when you buy a factory original equipment wheel for your car, van, suv, sport truck, or import from The Wheel Warehouse.

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ACU-TRU ® Wheel Repair Quality Control Standards

ACU-TRU ® Magnesium aluminum alloy Motorcycle wheel rim reconditioning and restoration repair can restore the look and performance to most Motorcycle, Auto, and Car wheel rims to a pre accident condition.

Motorcycle rim wheel straightening and Truing service can correct lateral run-out to within .05 (thousandths) and horizontal run-out to within .010 run-out for a smooth vibration-free experience.

By Utilizing the proven ACU-TRU ® standards for safety and performance each wheel rim that undergoes Truing and wheel straightening is corrected to factory original Motorcycle rim wheel or Automobile wheel rim standards. After a Motorcycle rim or wheel has been restored trued and refinished it is given a spin test between a live centering devise to ensure each aluminum alloy and steel wheel rim is its able to perform and to be free of any vibration.

ACU-TRU ® The Nations First Standardized Rim and Wheel Quality Control System.
Safe and reliable remanufacturing guidelines are adhered to throughout the Rim and Wheel repair process.

ACU-TRU ® Authorized Distributors

ACU-TRU ® Welcomesreturn policy

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. (Dayton, Ohio) 1-800-941-6400

Lateral Run out is corrected to within .005 for a smooth and safe ride.

New Wheels, Alloy Wheel Repair, Alloy Rim Repair, ACU-TRU ® System, Used Rims, and Remanufactured Aluminum, Alloy, Steel, and Chrome Rims all pass through the same Quality Checks.

ACU-TRU ® Wheels are used by Brigdestone Firestone of North America due to their exactness, consistency, and reliability.

The tests performed on tires require a consistent baseline or a trouble free wheel. This enables
the tire company to address quality of ride issues in the development of their tire lines.

ACU-TRU ® Wheels are checked and graded in these six specific areas of importance. The Wheel Warehouse Inc. has remanufactured thousands of wheels. Each and Every wheel goes through a stringent examination procedure to ensure the structural integrity and accuracy of the wheel upon completion

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